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All the latest information about our plans.

Keep watching this page for news of how we are progressing with our plans and dreams.

October 2000....

Our Engagement....

We were talking about getting together for several months, but hadn't made any plans to marry, or really settled anything other than we knew that we wanted to be together, but Trev was 3500 miles away, in the U.K.! However after much talk, thought, and deliberation, we decided to "give it a try".

Trev's engagement proposal was a complete surprise for Jeanne.

In October 2000, Trev surprised Jeanne just in time for her Birthday, and produced the ring that he had secretly brought over from the U.K. in the hope, trust, anticipation and prayer that all would go well once we were finally together. Jeanne was a little overwhelmed and immediately accepted the proposal as we held each other in pure excitement, enjoyment, and contentment

Our Wedding

We were delighted to be married in August of 2001 and although we had to move fairly quickly to meet with the visa requirements we did have a wonderful wedding with family members in attendance. 

Just one month after we were married tragedy struck the USA and world peace when the sad events of September 11th, 2001 unfolded at the World trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. At that time we took the decision to build a tribute website and was born. Since then we have developed our cluster of websites, the original is now internationally acclaimed as is our other large one in support of the coalition forces who are supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The OIF website can be found on
We invite you to visit any/all of our websites, and will give details on a later page.

Please bear with us during final construction of this page

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